Wish you were here...

LinkedIn: Wish you were here…

LinkedIn has been around since 2003, and for some it’s absolutely interwoven with the way they do business. Some people only dabble with it however, and some people get by just fine without using it at all. The platform’s future will depend on attracting and retaining all every user type. (Read more…)

Social media soufflé

Social media soufflé

Soufflé is a dish that’s exceptionally difficult to perfect. You have to get the heat just so, use good ingredients and remember not to poke it at the wrong moment. Do it right and you can create something beautiful, something magical, something that will make you the toast of the town. Rush it, try a … Continued

I think we need to talk…

There’s been a distance in the relationship for some time. What used to feel like healthy tension is starting to feel like disdain, that endearing quirk is beginning to become irritating. Someone’s feeling misunderstood, someone else is feeling taken for granted. Everyone’s asking how came to this? It started out as an ideal set up. … Continued

The fashion for follies

It was all so simple. Two hundred years ago if you wanted to be a city of note, you built a great big needle. London has one, Paris has one, Tring has one, Washington has a big one. Here we are, we are on the map and here’s a mighty stone protuberance to prove it. … Continued

Three (or four) little words

You’ve had an idea. It can be boiled down to three words. It’s that simple. It’s probably brilliant, and could well make a massive difference to your clients. You show it to your boss, and do you know what? She thinks it’s great. Except for one thing, it’s just an extra word that will make … Continued

Press releases: The right tool for the job

There’s a lot of talk about whether press releases have had their day. Is it worth spending any time or resource creating them, when a well-crafted 140 characters on social media can convey a message to a wider audience at a fraction of the price? … read more

The healing magic of cliché

So 2014 is nearly over and the internet is awash with platitudes and John Lennon lyrics. I have a choice, either say nothing or go with it. While you have a think about which way I’m going to go, have a look at the bad picture of my dog with some tinsel… Continues

Too often, in an office dreary (A Halloween communications story)

Orange street lights struggled with the early evening gloom, a valiant but futile battle against the insidious autumn mist outside. The office after six o’clock, cheap carpets muffling dwindling conversations, silence swallowing the hubbub of the day. A conference call had kept me in the building till that benighted hour. I emerged, blinking, from the … Continued