Something’s Brewing

A recent design challenge saw two members of the Chilterns Communications Group working together. Both were commissioned by Tring Brewery to bring some magic to the brewery’s branding.

Kate Marston designed new pump clips for all the brewery’s core beers as well as their seasonals. Kate’s brief was to unify Tring’s look and increase its appeal to new and existing customers. The pump clips are attached to the beer pumps and represent the perfect opportunity for a brewery to promote its brands on the bar to drinkers and it is therefore vital to make an impact. Kate used applied colour psychology which recognises the importance of colour in influencing emotion, mood and behaviour.

It was then the turn of Louise Ashworth to communicate to pubs and drinkers the reasons for the rebrand and to talk about what the brewery was trying to achieve. This was done by sending targeted press releases to a wide variety of media and sending out samples to key contacts. News of Tring Brewery’s rebrand was covered in one of the key design magazines, Design Weekly, as well as in the beer and pubs media.

Feedback from the pubs and consumers has been very positive and according to Tring’s marketing manager, Ben Marston, contributed to the brewery’s increased growth. Not only did Ben commission Kate and Louise, he also drew the illustrations for the pump clips himself.

Kate Marston is founder of KM Design and Louise Ashworth runs Ashworth PR & Marketing.

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