Tech to look out for in 2015

Being in PR we have to take our share of the blame for generating hype around emerging technologies and issues. So, as we get into 2015, it is worth looking at what’s in store for the next 12 months.

One of last year’s hot topics was wearable devices – from smart watches to augmented reality glasses. While these have been relatively niche products to date, the launch of the Apple iWatch later this year will certainly see a step change and will drive wider awareness and acceptance of wearable tech. But the tech companies – even Apple – won’t crack this market on their own and 2015 will see more technology companies partnering with fashion brands.

The Internet of Things (IoT) was the other term that became part of our vocabulary in 2014 and it appeared that everyone was trying to get on the IoT bandwagon. The truth is that the IoT still has a long way to go and there are many technical challenges to crack before we see 50 billion connected devices as predicted. But 2015 will see more practical IoT solutions focused on specific markets and standards and IoT platforms will start to become more established.

One of the key IoT challenges is security. Our client Context demonstrated the risks by hacking into an IoT lightbulb and also managing to hack into a Canon printer and run Doom on the display! The problem as ever is that in the rush to get products to market security is often compromised. If vendors to not take IoT security seriously, consumers will lose confidence in the technology before it makes an impression on the market.

Which brings me round to cyber security – a topic close to our hearts at PRPR. Recent attacks on Sony show that the stakes are even higher for companies and governments. The Target breach was the first time that a CEO lost their job as a result of a security incident – and has surely focused the minds of boardrooms across the globe. While the IT security industry tries to stay one step ahead, it is clear that this is becoming increasingly challenging.

Technology never stands still and we can be sure that there will be plenty to write about in 2015.

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